How to upload a file (for download)

How to upload a file (for download) Pixabay 482421

LoginCreate the web page or open the web page to edit

1. To upload a new file and insert the file by its file name

On the web page, insert the cursor where you wish to load the file

file before file inserted
Click the File Upload / Manager Icon in the Editor Bar.

editor panel
A new window appears

Choose the folder into which the file is to be placed eg Downloads

Click folder for Uploading

folder upload
A new window appears

Click Add

click add
Locate the section of your computer where the file is stored

Highlight the file you want to upload

Click Open

find file choose
The upload window appears with the file in the window

Click Upload

click upload
A new window appears with the uploaded file bolded

Click on the bolded file name

Check its name is showing in the URL line

Click the Target Dropdown Menu Arrow

highlight file dropdown
Choose the file to open in the same window or in a new window

choose open window
choose new window
Type in the document title

Click Insert

type text click insert
File will be inserted into the web page with this specific file name

file and name inserted
2. To upload a new file and insert behind a word or phrase on the web page

Type the word or phrase behind which to store the file

Highlight the word or phrase

page and editor
Click the Upload Iconeditor panel
Upload the file as indicated in part 1.

Choose No to 'replace the link text with file name'

replace text with link
Needs image here to show how this works ???????

page and editor
3. To upload an existing file and insert behind a word or phrase on the web page.

Here when the File Manager window opens:

Find the folder when the file is stored (1st column)

Find the file and click the file name so that it is bolded (2nd column)

check text bolded
choose file already loaded
Click insert (3rd column)

Word or phrase should now be linked.

file behind linked text
Remember to save your work -

click apply or save options

On TCN websites you will need to be assigned the correct access to use the Apply - temporary save function.

Otherwise you will need to wait for approval between each save.

Contact us if you need access or more information.

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