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Death and Dying

Choice Magazine: Do you need a funeral director?

  • Demystifying death
  • Bringing the body home
  • The possibilities of DIY funerals
  • Why people call funeral directors
  • Barriers to DIY funerals
  • Doing a funeral your way

Choice Magazine: Funeral insurance: do you need it - Insurance Last updated: 24 May 2017

A warning – funeral insurance can be costly in the long run, so consider your options.

  • Do I need funeral insurance?
  • Funeral insurance
  • Risks of funeral insurance
  • A call for reforms to funeral insurance
  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Funeral bonds
  • Life insurance 

Choice Magazine: DIY will kit reviews

  • Five will kits put to the test
  • What we found
  • Will kits reviewed
  • How we analyse the will kits
  • What happens if you don't have a will?
  • Checklist: How to draft your will
  • DIY will kit reviews
  • Traps with drafting your own will
  • Checklist: How to draft your will
  • When do you need legal advice?
  • Traps with drafting your own will
Choice Magazine: What to do when someone dies

A helpful checklist of the necessary processes when someone close to you passes away.

  • What now?
  • Death at a hospital or nursing home
  • Death at home
  • Death certificate or doctor's certificate
  • Organ donation
  • The funeral - Choosing a funeral director
  • Registering the death
  • Who to notify
  • Government assistance
  • Removing names from mailing lists
  • What to do with social media accounts

Looking after yourself - If you are struggling, a good place to seek help is via your GP, who can refer you to a counsellor or psychologist if needed. Otherwise there are plenty of places to seek out support and assistance when you are grieving – here are some organisations that can be found online:

Palliative Care:

Natural Death Care Centre -

Celebration of life funeral ideas:

This is a website for the United Kingdom. It takes advertising from Funeral Directors.  Topics covered by this website:

  • Is a celebration of life funeral non-religious?
  • Planning a celebration of life
  • Who can help me arrange a celebration of life?
  • What do you do at a celebration of life?
  • Where can you hold a celebration of life funeral?
  • Who can conduct a celebration of life funeral?
  • Spreading the word about a celebration of life
  • Is there an order of service at a celebration of life funeral?
  • Who will speak at the life celebration?
  • Celebration of life ideas
  • Hand out memorial gifts





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