Living Wake

Have you ever been to a funeral, listening to all the wonderful things people were saying about your recently deceased loved one and thought:

"They would loved this. 
What a shame they're not here to hear it."

Why not consider a Living Wake? 

It's a chance for your family and friends to honour you while you're still here to enjoy it.

  • Listen to old friends tell great stories about you
  • Laugh at the memories shared
  • Love the look on your grandkid's faces as they learn about your life

A living wake can look similar to a regular wake except that the guest of honour is still with us.  It's a great way for family and friends to come together and let their loved one know the impact they made on their life.  What a way to go out - full of the knowledge that you were loved, appreciated and will be missed.
When would you have a Living Wake?

  • During a big birthday - Maybe one of the big '0's - 70, 80, 90, 100?
  • After a terminal diagnosis can be a good way to help your loved one to come to terms with the news - especially if they hear how they've inspired other people throughout their life.

What would I include in this celebration?

  • Anything you like!
    • Eulogy & tributes from family and friends
    • a celebrant lead ceremony
    • music
    • dancing
    • cake
    • giving away personal items as gifts
    • have a theme/fancy dress
    • religious element
The Celebrants at The Celebrants Network are trained in ceremony and can help you to arrange the biggest party of your life!
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