Your final checklist


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Your Documents 

  • ‰Have you written a will? Is it up to date?
  • ‰Have you nominated your power of attorney?
  • ‰Where are your important documents? 
    Who has access to them?
    your documentsHave you recorded your passwords for all your online accounts and social media profiles?
  • Who will be your enduring guardian? 
    This is the person who can speak up for you about medical interventions if you can’t.
  • ‰ If you have children who will be their legal guardian?
  • ‰ Have you told your loved ones what medical interventions you want and do not want and under what circumstances?
  • ‰ Have you written your advance care directive?
  • ‰ Have you written an Emotional Will?

Your Loved Ones

  • ‰ Have you discussed your end of life plans with family and friends?
  • ‰ Would you prefer to die at home?
  • ‰ your checklist heartIs there something comforting that you might want in the room with you as you are dying?
  • ‰ What would you like to be said to you in your final days/moments? (Many people want to be told that their affairs are in order and their dependants will be taken care of)
  • ‰ What do you hope for the people who are around you while you’re dying?
  • ‰ Who will receive special family items such as photos and treasured heirlooms?
  • ‰ Who will take pets and animals under your care?

Your Send-Off

  • ‰What type of funeral do you want?
  • ‰ Do you want to be buried, cremated or something else entirely?
  • ‰ your checklist windowWhere do you want to be buried or have your ashes scattered or your tree planted?
  • ‰ What do you want written on your headstone/plaque memorial?
  • ‰ Who do you want to perform the eulogy?
  • ‰ Do you want to write your own obituary?
  • ‰ Do you want to donate to a charity in lieu of flowers or in lieu of anything else? Or do you want to do both?
  • ‰ Have you looked into “Do It Yourself” funerals?

Everything Else ...

 your checklist pencil



Let’s change the conversation on Dying to Know Day, August 8th.

Host an event, have a conversation with your family, community or workplace.

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