Changing your name

People change their surname for a couple of reasons...

  • after marriage
  • after divorce
  • being estrangled from the parent/person linked to that surname

and this is done for free with as much or as little fanfair as you like.

When people change their first and middle names, the reasons are many and varied:

  • coming out as transgender
  • changing their pronouns
  • don't like the sound of their name
  • having trauma surrounding their name (too many examples to mention)

Coming out as transgender and changing your name and pronouns is a big deal and should be celebrated. 

A naming ceremony in this case:

  • celebrates you as your own person
  • celebrates your new choice of name and acknowledges that you are accepted and loved by your family, friends and community
  • lets everybody in your life know new name and your preferred pronouns all in one go
  • helps to show other people in the same situation, whether they have come out or not that there is a way forward

There is no age limit to a naming ceremony for someone who has changed their name - just whenever it suits you.

The Celebrants Network have many Celebrants in your area who can assist you in creating a fabulous Naming Ceremony.

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