A4 Leather Look Album: 30 Pockets personalised

Price: $120.00

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CUSTOM-MADE Delivery 3 to 4 weeks

Postage included in price.

Leather Look material covered display album with gold stamped Rose or other Motif or none and Name.

Display Album has acid free plastic pockets to hold A4 size paper.

To hold your ceremony or any other similar purpose.

Available in maroon, white, grey, black, green, blue, yellow, brown etc

Please specify motif and colour required in the Comments Box.

Taking care of your Album.
These lovely covers are padded. So care needs to be taken to prevent small articles like pens, from being pressed against the cover.

Should a mark like this happen, some warmth from a hair dryer with a bit of gentle rubbing will help.

When the central display albums plastic pockets become worn, it may be replaced with a refill display album.