Maroon Combined Register & A4 Celebrant Album Set

Price: $180.00

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TCN Combined Register and Celebrant Album Set includes

  • Postage Included

  • A4 Cloth covered folder with title "Ceremony Register"

    The modern, versatile, light-weight, Marriage Register alternative - more privacy /security for your couples as holds only one set of marriage papers at a time.

    Use Online Marriage Registration Forms or TCN or AGD Marriage Forms Templates - saves $$$ and is more efficient. 

    Purchase Only Form 15 couple certificates from Canprint - some Happily Ever Before and After Forms are free, but postage applies.

    Holds one set of marriage certificates and/or marriage form - or used with ceremony certificates and/or register forms.

    So this register folder can be used for Marriage and Other ceremonies.

    Storyour copy of the Official Marriage Certificates in a 40 pocket display album - takes 80 weddings.

  • A4 Celebrant Album cover with 20 pockets display album  (replacable insert)

    Holds your copy of the ceremony to read.

  • Gold stamped TCN Rose Motif  on both

  • Both items are maroon/ burgundy 

May be used for all ceremonies e.g. weddings, namings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, renewals, graduations, retirement, engagements etc. 

Taking care of your Register or Album

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