INDIVIDUAL celebrant Insurance - expression of interest

Price: $0.00

For TCN  members - we can assist you to access this individual insurance.

When shopping here you can ask Arthur J Gallagher to contact YOU  

  • Arthur J Gallagher (previously OAMPS) insurance - excellent individual cover for most celebrants needs - individual is safer than group cover.
  • Usually $129 pa - $30 discount for CoCA associations so ONLY $99 for CoCA Inc assocation members 
  • Inquiries: 1800 222 012  E:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  FAX: 1800 000 472

Why not join the TCN Inc (Starts at $80 pa or pro-rata), if you are not a member of a celebrant association, to access this insurance offer?

Any hassles please let us know 

  • Do NOT send in your Application Form, if you are NOT sure you are ready to proceed.
  • Arthur J Gallagher (previously OAMPS) is required to issue a Tax Invoice upon receipt of your application, and
  • You will be required to pay within 14 days of being issued that Invoice.

Note: TCN Inc receives no payment for these referrals to Arthur J Gallagher (previously OAMPS) Insurance information.
Starting from only $129* per year - $99 pa for TCN Inc Members - for:

  • Public Liability                           $20,000,000 each and every occurrence
  • Professional Indemnity                $6,000,000 in the aggregate during the period of insurance
  • Products Liability and                  $3,000,000 each and every occurrence
  • Care Custody and Control         $100,000 each and every occurrence

 Also cover you for:

-       General property Australia wide from $31* for each $1000 worth of cover
-       Personal Illness & Accident Group policy for clients up to age 75 (please note conditions may apply after age 66)
-       Legal Power Extension
-      Copyright insurance
-      Retrospective cover
-      Public Speaking and Master of Ceremonies
-      Teaching