Starter Kit: Civil celebrants

Price: $150.00

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  • Based on a "loose leaf" style of  Register Folder instead of a hand-written register purchased from Canprint.
  • Designed for use with Celebrant Software, Online Registration (available in some states) or PDF Marriage Forms available from the Attorney-Generals website or Word File Templates available free to TCN Inc members.
  • A Register Folder is lighter weight, more legible as text typed and safer as only one set of couples information is with you on the day, should you have an accident or have your bag stolen.


  •  A buckram cloth cover Ceremony Register Folder - holds one set of marriage forms for the couple to sign - The Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage/ Marriage Certificate (Form 14/16) for BDM, Marriage Certificate (Form 15) for the couple and second copy Form14 (Marriage Certificate) for celebrant to keep as Celebrant's Register
    - currently worth  $120  CUSTOM-MADE- Delivery 3 to 4 weeks

    • State Colour preferance in the Comments Box
    • Register may take 3 to 4 weeks as the Register is hand-made. Please let us know if urgent.

  • PLUS 

    A4 white gold bordered certificate - BLANK x 3
    A4 white silver bordered certificate - BLANK x 2
    A5 white gold certificate: BLANK x 2    
    A4 white Gum Leaves certificate - BLANK x 1
    A5 white Gum Leaves certificate: BLANK x 2    
    A4 Clear plastic acid free envelope    x 1
    A5 Clear plastic acid free envelope    x 2
    Holder A4 Maroon and gold stamped paper   x1 
    Holder A4: white shiny paper  x 1
    Gold stickers  0.5 sheet rings 0.5 sheet roses
    Your Ceremony Folder  x 1
    Your Ceremony certificate with rings envelope  x 1
    Your Ceremony certificate without rings envelope  x 1
    Our Wedding Vows Certificates - 1 x Silver 1 x Gold

  • PLUS TCN Members have access to a range of Marriage Forms and Certificate templates to make their own professional stationery.


  • All states will accept A4 size paper, however Queensland and Victoria prefers 90 or 100 gsm paper.
  • As the Marriage Act requires the Form 14 printed on the back of the Form 16 Marriage Certificate, most states also require this.
  • Check with your own BDM.
  • Recommended - 20 or 40 pocket display album to store your Form 16 - to create your own looseleaf Marriage Register.