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magical memorable ceremonies as individual as you are
Celebrant background: I've been a celebrant since 2004 and conducted over 1000 ceremonies now - from weddings to naming ceremonies, renewal of vows and commitments, handfastings and alternative ceremonies, memorials and celebrations of life.
I've worked in public for many years and enjoy presenting personalised ceremonies for my clients to reflect their personalities, backgrounds and their reasons for holding their ceremony. I live in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane and have travelled far and wide for ceremonies.
Why I'm a celebrant: I believe that ceremonies are touch stones for ourselves and our families and friends - ways of acknowledging our journeys, our connections with each other and those things that transcend our everyday life - the important things such as love, family, friends, children, nature, connection, our beliefs and values... Organised religions often gave communities those things but as more and more people move away from that to their own belief systems, civil ceremonies can fill that gap - acknowledging and honouring life's passages. I love being a celebrant and empowering people to hold a ceremony that expresses who they are, their stories, their journeys.
Treasured memories: Treasured memories for me are conducting ceremonies for each of my children as they turned 18, acknowledging their passages into adulthood. I love the multiple ceremonies I've done for particular families.

I've named five children for one couple as they grew their family from 2007 to 2018. I've conducted naming ceremonies for a couple, followed by their wedding then a funeral for a loved older family member. This type of connection with a family is very special and stays in my heart forever. I've loved it when a family has said - oh, this is our last child so we are sorry we may not see you again...but maybe for another type of ceremony later on, a wedding for our child - and when a grandmother told me that the naming ceremony for her grandchild had helped bring the whole family together again after a family split. Most of all I have treasured the look on each couple's face as they see each other again on their wedding day.
Tips : Wedding days go so fast - try and build in a bit of time to connect with your partner. Breathe and take mental pictures as you go. Don't be afraid to say, "no, that's not what I want" and "I'd like to do this". Find wedding suppliers who get you and what you want, who are flexible and eager to make sure you have a great day.

Have fun - sometimes the things that seem to go wrong are the things that will give you the memories - when the wind carries your veil away, or the rain comes down. Speaking of rain, have a back up ceremony location if possible (or umbrellas for your guests). If you are having a ceremony in a very sunny location in the middle of summer, try and be on time - your guests will be grateful (as will your celebrant).

Make sure your celebrant has a PA system - you don't want your celebrant shouting in your ear so everyone at the back can hear. There is no right way or wrong way to do things - there are no traditional civil ceremonies - there is just what you want and what will make you happy. Enjoy each moment.

For memorials and celebrations of life, there are many ways to hold your ceremony. Talk to your celebrant about ways of stepping outside of the strict 30 minute chapel ceremony and creating a beautiful ceremony to honour your loved one. How do you want to say goodbye? Some people like to hold a colourful celebration where everyone can contribute while others like a more formal goodbye. You have a choice and celebrants are there to support your choices for your ceremony.
and I'd like to say: I'm available to have a chat about options for your ceremony - obligation-free. We can discuss ideas and what might work best for you. Together, we can create a ceremony that is just right for you.
Areas serviced: Brisbane South, Brisbane East, Brisbane West, Gold Coast, Northern NSW
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Gold Coast
State: Queensland
Phone: 0437713575