Funerals and Life Celebrations with Katie Wicking

Uniquely You Celebrations
Celebrant background: After 15 years in the administrative field, it was 10 years ago that I embarked on my career path to become a Professional Celebrant. I have qualifications and certifications in Marriage Celebrancy, Funeral Celebrancy and Life Celebrations
I have had the privilege of joining hundreds of families in celebrating their special life events.

From welcoming a new life, to marking an exciting new chapter in life, to honoring a much-loved life, I am committed to working with my families to create unique and personal ceremonies and services.
Why I'm a celebrant: It was 10 years ago that I attended the funeral of a close family friend.

As the Celebrant delivered some very generic words (what I often refer to as a 'cookie-cutter ceremony', ie 'insert name here'), it was obvious to me that no time had been taken to learn anything about this beautiful soul. Neither her unique personality nor any of her special qualities were brought through into the service, and I remember sitting there feeling very frustrated and angry. It was at that moment that I decided that this was what I wanted to do; create unique and personal services for each and every family's loved one.

No two lives are the same, therefore no two services should be the same. The next day I enrolled to study all aspects of Celebrancy and it was soon after that I began my career as a Celebrant. I LOVE my chosen profession and now specialise in funerals and life celebrations other than marriage.
Treasured memories: Each ceremony or service is unique and therefore each is memorable for different reasons.

Over the years I have had many families invite me back into the fold to share in more and more of their special life events.

It is truly an honour to be embraced as an extended member of the family and to know that families are confident in repeatedly placing their trust in my abilities.
Tips : It is important that you feel comfortable with your chosen Celebrant and that you are confident they will help you realise your vision for your special life event.
and I'd like to say: As someone who is committed to delivering 'Uniquely You Celebrations', I leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Dr Seuss:

'Today You are You, that is Truer than True. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!'
Areas serviced: Brisbane City, Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Cornubia
State: Queensland
Phone: 0412125695