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The Celebrants Network is a not for profit association

The Celebrants Network Inc is committed to members having access to how their association is organised and managed.

The National Committee has responsibility for management of the association.  Members' suggestions for improvement or offers to work on sub-committees or volunteer for tasks are always welcome. 

Joining The Celebrants Network is easy - just go to the JOIN tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.

 4.1    Celebrant Membership

The association welcomes both Celebrant Members and Student Members in accordance with our Constitution:

(1)      Celebrant members are independent self-employed Civil Celebrants (eg marriage, family, funeral or community celebrants) who can provide supporting evidence that they:

          ( a )      are or have been an authorised marriage celebrant of the Commonwealth of Australia; and/or

          ( b )      have satisfactorily completed a course of study in celebrancy relevant to services offered (marriage, funeral or general celebrancy); and/or

          ( c )     have equivalent level of expertise as approved by the Committee of The Celebrants Network Inc.

(2)      Celebrant Members will have voting rights at the AGM and Special General Meetings, and if so elected, at Committee meetings.

4.2     Student Celebrant Membership

(1)      Student Celebrants are accepted for Student Membership if they:

          ( a )      are enrolled in a course of study in celebrancy; and

          ( b )     can provide evidence of this as required by the Committee.

(2)      Student Celebrant Members do not have Directory Listings until they meet the requirements for, and upgrade to, Celebrant Membership;

(3)      Student members do not have voting rights at AGM and Special General Meetings and are not eligible to be elected to the Committee.

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