Network benefits for funeral celebrants

Network benefits for funeral celebrants Pixabay 389716

The Celebrants Network is developing a number of services and resources especially for Funeral Celebrants, Memorial Celebrants and Celebrants for all occasions.

Our strategy aims to have The Celebrants Network members known before the need for a funeral.


  • 50 years ago families did not ask the undertaker who could do their funeral ceremony 
  • Families had their 'family celebrant' - their minister or priest.
  • As our society has become more secular, civil celebrants have been slowly taking up these ceremonial roles.
  • But not with a clear aim of being the "family" celebrant - to be there for a family's other significant events, so when a family funeral is needed - you, THE family's celebrant, will be the one they turn to (not the funeral company)
  • To strenghten this aim, celebrants need to
    • aim to be "their" celebrant for as many significant events as possible - and if you want funeral work, targeting the more senior age group makes sense.
    • add pre-funeral planning to their list of celebrancy related services
    • network in their local communities to become known, especially by the 60+ age groups.

 Did you know?

•    over the last 20 years, the rate of weddings has not changed in Australia
•    the number of older people in the population will double in next 50 years
•    for the last 25 years the number of funerals has increased at 1% annually every year     
•    the baby boomers will continue to turn 60 until 2023 and 70 in 2033     
•    the number of people aged 85 years or over has doubled in last 20 years     
•    Australia's population will increase by another third in the next 40 years     
•    there are 33 other possible ceremony options to each wedding possibility

 What can The Celebrants Network offer you?

A free Memorial /Funeral Listings in our Celebrant Directory

A Loss and Grief section of the website for the general public to be better informed about their funeral options

  • Make suggestions about content for this section
  • Submit suitable articles to this section and be acknowledged as author

A Member's Only Funeral section of the website  

  • Access this Member's Only section for ideas and tips

Celebrant Forum - Members Only

  • Be active on our Members Only forum 

Contact us if you need more information.




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