Why join more than one association?

Why join more than one association? Pixabay 950249
Many celebrants who take building their celebrancy practices seriously as well as wanting the best for their couples and families belong to more than one association.


    • Each association has different strengths.  Joining more than one association gives you more.

      - Local state associations often support their members with local face to face meetings

      - National associations facilitate more sharing between celebrants across the country because 'competitive' factors are reduced

      - Some like The Celebrants Network Inc. are proactive in strategies to encourage more work in your direction whilst giving you choices about what you want or need 

      - Many associations only concentrate on marriage -  very few are like TCN in developing strategies for ceremonies for all occasions, and thus assisting its members to be proactive in becoming a "Family or Community" Celebrant.

      Once a family knows your work through other ceremonies, especially senior birthdays and wedding anniversaries, you will be much more likely to be chosen to do other ceremony work for them, especially funerals or memorial ceremonies.

    • A link back to the celebrant's own website is a plus for Google ranking, when the Association has a website that allows members a listing with links

      Fees for association memberships are usually far cheaper than an advertisement on a wedding website and as such can add value for money.

      It is important to know where your referrals come from if you are trying to judge where your dollars are best spent.

    • Group promotion/ advertising can be effective if you've done your part in making sure you have a good photo and text to go with your directory listing.

    • Having a logo on your website of a celebrant association can be reassuring to the general public that you are a person who is keeping up with what is happening in your profession, and is perhaps somewhere your prospective couple or family can go if they have hassles with you.

      Having several logos can demonstrate your passion and professionalism

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