Student celebrant membership

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Students celebrants are welcome to join our celebrants network! 

For $50 pa, you will have access to articles and forums to assist with your celebrant student assignments.

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The Celebrants Network Inc is a non-profit association to encourage and support you via our website and promote a wide range of ceremonies and celebrations to our communities, so our celebrants can all work more effectively and productively.

You are a celebrant when you advertise your services and commence doing ceremonies!

One point you may not understand, is the decision to become a celebrant is yours alone for all ceremonies other than marriages. Whilst it is best to complete your studies before offering other ceremonies, you can do so when waiting to be authorised as a marriage celebrant.  When you are prepared to offer ceremonies to your community and to advertise your services, you may call yourself a celebrant. If you are offering non-religious ceremonies, you may call yourself a civil celebrant.

Other titles may be family celebrant, community celebrant, funeral celebrant, memorials celebrant. general celebrant

Obviously to advertise your celebrant services you need to be prepared and able to do good work.

Having resources - both ceremonial and small business - and the knowledge and skills to perform in a celebrant role in a competent manner is of prime concern so training in funeral and other ceremonies is important even if it not legally required.

The Celebrants Network recommends that all celebrants

  • do training in loss and grief and planning funeral ceremonies because there are times when marriage celebrants are asked to deal with loss and grief issues at marriages and follow-up funerals
  • reading specific resource books on being a funeral celebrant before offering funerals.

The Celebrants Network requires all  members advertising funeral and memorial ceremonies to have completed training in loss and grief and planning funeral ceremonies or have the equivalent skills and knowledge. So please provide details on joining.

See: Benefits of Student Membership


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