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Ask A Celebrant
19 March 2020
Have you been wondering how you might reaffirm your love for your partner?  What about a Vow Renewal Ceremony? Today's blog takes us through some great ideas to create a beautiful and personal ceremony - written by freelance writer and guest blo...
Wendy Haynes
17 March 2020
This special blog post is a little different to our regular program, however, it is full of much needed information about our current Coronavirus - Covid19 situation, how it affects us as celebrants and those who are holding or planning ceremonies in...
Katherine Sessions
13 March 2020
One of the big decisions you'll need to make for your wedding day and especially your marriage ceremony is the music. Celebrant Katherine Sessions of Adore Celebrancy Services and member of The Celebrants Network is taking us through the ins and outs...

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