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Different Types of Families

Different Types of Families
Different Types of Families

 noun, plural families.
a. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.
b. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for: a single-parent family.


The idea of the ‘traditional’ family of Mum and Dad and the kids has changed 
tremendously over the last 50 years.  No longer are you required to be in a heterosexual 
coupled relationship, all living together in the same house, with possibly a dog and a picket fence to be considered a “family”

Today’s families are diverse; culturally, genderly and ethnically mixed and should be celebrated.

In many countries around the world you can find:

* Children who are adopted and fostered and can be raised by grandparents or other relatives 

Photo: Pixabay

* Single parents

Photo: Pixabay

* Families that consist of two parents who don’t live in the same house

Photo: Pexels

* Children who will grow up with step parents and step siblings, half siblings and extra grandparents

Photo:Free Stock 

* Parents/couples who can be different genders, the same gender, transgender or not identify with a gender at all


* Children who don’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth


* Families with members who live with a disability

Photo: Nathan Anderson -

*Couples who do not to have children

* People who choose to complete their family with a fur baby.  

Photo source: PHann

* Loving partnerships that bring together families from different cultures or nationalities


* Families that can be made up of a group of people who are not blood related to them at all


This is just a short list of the different kinds of families that can be found in Australia and around the world and there's one thing for certain.... 

There is not one type of family that is more ‘normal’ or important than another.

If you would like to find out how you can celebrate your family, please speak to a TCN Celebrant today.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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