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Not everyone from the LGBTIQ+ community wants a big gay wedding

Remember back to when marriage equality was introduced, one of the stereotyped expectations within the general community was that everyone in the LGBTIQ+ community would rush out and have a big gay wedding.  Celebrant Bronte Price shares with us why this didn't happen...

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ABS Census 2021 – Why Are LGBTIQ+ People Being Omitted?

On the 10th August, 2021 Australia took part in the Census. Gay Celebrant and Member of The Celebrants Network, Bronte Price is asking why the LGBTIQ+ Community was left out. Bronte's blog can also be found on Bronte's own website and he has given us permission to recreate it here.

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Have you ever stopped to think about what the letters LGBTQQIAAP actually stand for? 
Over the years we have gone from labelling a person's sexuality as either straight or gay to a rainbow of names that straight people sometimes find difficult to get their head around.... but if you care about people who identify as 'one of those other letters', then this blog could help give you some important information.
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International Women's Day 2021

Do you know the history behind International Women's Day? Celebrant Susie Roberts does and it makes for a very interesting read... 

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It's Time

It's Time!   Spring equinox 23rd September 2017

It's officially spring....
the flowers are blooming...
 new life is emerging....
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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is every bit like a Marriage Ceremony except for one thing - the ceremony is not legally binding.  However the love and sentiment and support and meaning are just the same.

This type of ceremony is usually held for people who are not able to marry due to current laws, so a lot of couples from the LGBTIQ community choose to commit to each other this way.  However, Commitment Ceremonies are open and available to everyone who wants to declare their love for their partner without the legalities.
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Marriage Equality - 1 year on...

We have a guest blogger today - Robyn Foster "Celebrations by Robyn".  Robyn gave support, along with countless others, to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign and its leaders.  Here is her story...

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noun: tolerance; plural noun: tolerances
1. the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.


This week on the 16th November is the International Day of Tolerance.



The lovely thing about civil celebrants and civil celebrations is that they are all inclusive. They promote respect for people’s differences in religion, gender, sexual preference, race, cultural background, economic status, football team, icecream flavour and whether or not they want a traditional wedding or an elopement.  Civil celebrants don't judge.  
The most important thing to us is that there are two consenting adults:
Who are both 18 years old
Who are not married to other people
Who are not directly related to each other
Who have been able to provide required ID
Who have given the required one month notice


Anything beyond that is simply not our business to judge.


Civil marriage ceremonies aim to focus on the couple's love and life together, rather than on their religious beliefs or cultural traditions or that of their families. Civil celebrantions are all about tolerance and respect and acceptance - the clue is right there in the name - 'civil'.  Having said that, if couples would like to include their religion or their cultural traditions into the ceremony, then that can be catered for as well. There are no rules on what you can add to your legal ceremony - that's the beauty of a civil ceremony!



When one partner belongs to one religion and the other to another or to none at all, a civil ceremony is the perfect solution to declaring their love and becoming married in a ceremony that welcomes everybody without discrimination. Even if your guests don’t agree with your choices, they can still enjoy the meaningful ceremony created by a civil celebrant.


Civil funerals allow a person’s family and friends to mourn their loss in a respectful ceremony, where those who do not understand
the deceased person’s specific religion are able to fully engage with the meaning and intent of that ceremony of transition.



Supporting Marriage Equality

Acknowledging your support for marriage equality during your own marriage ceremony is becoming quite popular for those couples who believe that everybody should have the same rights - click HERE for suggestions as to how you could include a statement into your ceremony.


If you are thinking that you’d like be more tolerant of others, but are not sure how to put it into practise, click HERE for some simple and effective ideas.



If you'd like to speak with a civil celebrant who you can be sure is tolerant and accepting of people of all walks of life, then please head to our directory and find a TCN Celebrant in your area.


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Australia - let’s celebrate LOVE and LIFE!


The Celebrants Network Incorporated is a celebrant based non-profit community association promoting civil ceremonies and celebrations.

Civil ceremonies and celebrations uphold the values of a civilised society - respecting and supporting all people in its jurisdiction.

Today is Australia’s Citizenship Day.  Australian citizenship is more than a legal status. It is our common bond that represents our shared democratic beliefs and gives us a sense of belonging and need to work for our common good as a nation.

australia map2 400

This Day provides a wonderful opportunity for all Australians to reflect on the meaning and importance of Australian values such as a “Fair Go”, looking out for the 'underdog', government by democratic processes - for the people and by the people - respect for all people without discrimination, upholding civil and human rights and our rights and responsibilities with justice under law.

• TCN supports Marriage Equality 


• TCN supports Religious Tolerance 


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Section 47 of Australia's Marriage Act 1961 allows Ministers of Religion and independent religious celebrants to refuse to marry any couple on any grounds. Therefore it is possible for Australia as a whole to support both religious tolerance and marriage equaility as TCN does.
Now that the Marriage Equality plebiscite has been announced, what can we as celebrants do to help to inform the public about marriage law and reduce the predicted hateful and discriminatory debates?

ME not gender

TCN has created a Fact Sheet on the Marriage Act 1961 to assist in understanding how religious celebrants already have exemptions under the Act.


One of the most important rights and responsibilities we have as Australian Citizens is to VOTE

As free people, we can play our part in deciding how our nation is governed, what services our government revenue is spent upon and what laws are made to balance our freedom and safety as individuals, families and communities.

Few opportunities come along in our lifetimes where we can change unfair laws directly, by referendum or plebiscite.

voting 30403 box 303


Are you registered to vote? 
Are your children and eligible grandchildren registered to vote?


The Marriage Equality plebiscite will be democracy in action.
While the plebiscite result will not be binding on the government, each and every vote is vitally important.


Voting is one way we can uphold our Australian values of a "fair go" and ensure our civil laws are upheld for all.


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International Women's Day

How did you mark International Women's Day this year?


Every year on the 8th March women all over the world are celebrated.

In some countries it is observed as a national holiday; in some cultures it is tradition for the men to buy chocolates and flowers for all the female members of his family; in some countries there is no fan fare and women and girls are still suffering abuse and treated as second class citizens with no change in sight.


So there is still much more work to be done!


 We, at TCN are all about the celebrations in life; and we are all for equality and human rights for everybody.

We want to fight against child and forced marriages.  
We want to put an end to senseless violence against women.  
We want to Celebrate the fabulous woman in our history, in our lives today and those who will succeed and prosper in the future.



Celebrating Women

Here are some ways you can celebrate the women you know this month (and every month - why stop there?)

Note:  These tips are not just for men - women should be celebrating other women as well.

1. Tell your mother how precious she is to you and let her know you are thankful for everything she has done in her life

2. Show your sister that she is a very important person in your life

3. Encourage your daughter to be anything that she wants to be and let her know that her gender should never be a barrier

4. Visit your Grand Mother and use the annual Mothers Day to engage a celebrant for a special ceremony for all the mothers in your family

5. Start a support network for your girlfriends or women in your neighbourhood - it's nice to know you always have a backup person


These are all very simple and easy things to do, so if you want to stretch yourself further a field......

6. Volunteer at or donate to a women's refuge

7. Donate money or your time to women's charities

8. Be the voice in your company or organisation who stands up for those women not being paid or treated fairly

9. Join groups, sign petitions and be a part of the change that finally stops underaged girls and women being forced into marriages
10. Think about your views on the importance of women in our society and help to educate others.



Why not add a ceremony to the celebration of the women in your life? 

Contact a TCN celebrant to find out how


Read more about all the ways celebrants can assist you in celebrating life









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Mardi Gras Fair Day 2016!

Party With A Purpose!


This Sunday, the 21st February 2016 is the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day. 

10am - 8pm @ Victoria Park, Camperdown

It is a family day out with community minded stalls, music, food, friends and lots of fun!


This year, for the first time, The Celebrants Network - TCN will be maintaining a stall to share our vision for family celebrations.  
Celebrants do more than just weddings and funerals and there are so many more opportunities throughout our lives to celebrate who we are, what we've achieved and what our future looks like because of the families or communities that surround us.


Click last week's blog post to see a list of the life celebrations you could be adding more meaning to.


Come and visit our stall at Fair Day and meet some of our fabulous

TCN Family Celebrants.



Read more about how you can celebrate every stage of your life



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