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Valentine's Day

Have you ever wondered about the legend of St Valentine's Day? February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and in particular, the 14th - St Valentine’s Day, but who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this special day?  Celebrant Shell Brown tells us the story...

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How to involve blended families into your ceremony

Ceremonies have been used for thousands of years to help us manage change and build stronger bonds with our families and friends. In the modern blended family a ceremony can reinforce how much each member is valued, and the importance of their role in the family.

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Celebrants do more than just weddings...

It's true that a lot of civil celebrants only conduct marriage ceremonies or funerals but there are also many Celebrants who identify as Family Celebrants who offer their services for a multitude of celebrations that will continue on throughout your lifetime....
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ASK A CELEBRANT Tips for Valentine surprises

ASK A CELEBRANT BLOG: Valentine Day Ideas

Looking for ideas for love poetry?
Lyrics of love songs can be a great way to find an appropriate verse to recite or send a link or play at a romantic spot on the beach or pop in a card.
Google "love songs" or love songs for him or love songs for him or love songs 2015 for the latest etc.
Of course, the net is a great place to find all sorts of love poetry or verse.
Google "love songs" or love songs for him or love songs for him or love songs 2015 for the latest etc.

Or do you want to "pop" the question - "will you marry me"?
Here is a unique gentle way for you to show your interest in getting an answer from your loved one.

Download the Notice of Intended Marriage form from our Everyone  Section.
Fill in your half, fold and place in your Valentines Day with this little question . . .

Would you like to fill in the other half of this Form with me?

The form lasts for eighteen months once lodged with a Marriage Celebrant.

Please use our Celebrant directory website to find a local celebrant to suit you when plans advance that far.
Whilst this tip cannot go this far for couples wanting marriage equality, it is one way to show your intent should the legislation change 

By the way, we'd love to know if you use our tips. Look forward to seeing your comments here!

Note: From 1st April The Celebrants Network will be running its 2016 ASKACELEBRANT GOLD ROSE DRAW.

Booking one of our Gold Rose Celebrant after 1st April will put you in the draw for a cash prize of $500, $300 or $200.

It's our fun way of promoting our TCN Celebrant members!

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