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Remembering Loved Ones


The 11th of November is Remembrance Day.  This is the day we pay our respects to those soldiers who died in the First World War.  It marks the day the war ended and at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month we observe a minute silence to remember and think about all the people who have died in wars since.  There are lots of ways to remember our loved ones after they've died - here are just a few ideas...

Gather relatives and have your own personal day of remembrance for family members who have died. This could become a great family tradition and even give comfort to your living relatives knowing that they will always be remembered when they're gone.

Get all the grandchildren and try to emulate Nana’s famous biscuit recipe.  Whilst you're mixing and pouring and baking, tell stories about all the things you loved about her, passing on the stories, the love and the receipes to the younger members of your family to carry on.
Plant a tree in their honour - You may have heard of planting a tree in celebration of a birth or a marriage; the same logic applies for a death. The tree symbolises not the fact that your loved one has died, but that they lived.  A flowering tree is great because when the tree blossoms every year, the branches can be brought into the house, symbolising the celebration of that life.

Dedicate a memorial bench in their favourite location - this will give you a place to go to sit in quiet contemplation looking out over the view that you know they loved.

Light a candle - This has always been symbolic in memorials.  Gazing at the flame helps you to focus your thinking on their memory.  Just be careful not to leave the flame burning when you're not there!

Create a book of stories about your loved one - Ask family and friends for their favourite stories and precious memories, include photos and make a treasured keepsake.

Display old photos of your loved one in a creative way - It's nice to display pictures instead of keeping them tucked away in a photo album. Friends and family members can be hesitant to discuss their deceased loved one, but pictures can be very comforting to those who are grieving.

Speak to a TCN Celebrant in your area today who can help you to arrange the perfect tribute for your loved one.



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Monday, 30 January 2023

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