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The Significance Of Ceremony

ceremony-signing-200From Rebecca Skinner
Celebrants & Celebrations Network Australia Celebrant Member

The Celebrants Network Incorporated Blog Coordinator

Where does the word 'ceremony' come from? It's believed to be of Etruscan origin, via the Latin caerimonia meaning "awe, reverent rite" and it first entered our language in the 14th Century.
Ceremonies are an incredibly powerful tool. They announce and create change; they signify the importance of an event; they help us move into new stages of our lives and they connect to our past while reaching into the future. And importantly, they connect us with people who give meaning to our lives.

fireworks_big_burst_hg_clrOn a larger scale, they give meaning to our existence and help in the development of our society.
A huge array of cultures exist in the world, and all follow their own rituals and ceremonies. Without culture, intellectual development is threatened, progression could be halted.
Whatever significant milestone it is; whether a child's coming of age, a wedding, a funeral, a baby naming, a significant birthday, a reunion or the blessing of a new home - a ceremony marks the occasion and gives it meaning.
The Celebrants Network Australia is dedicated to giving special moments in people's lives real meaning and significance thanks to its experienced and caring civil celebrant members all around the country.
Don't let important moments pass you by without recognition - life is too short not to stop and smell the roses ...

Food for thought for 2013. May this one be all you need and  hope for!



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Friday, 18 June 2021

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