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Wollongong Celebrant Helen Rice

Wollongong Celebrant Helen Rice


Many thanks to Helen for providing her profile.

Wollongong Helen Rice Authorised Civil Celebrant - Appointed February 2009

I’ve worked in libraries for many years so have a love of books and literature. Married with 2 daughters (grown up). I have seen relationships flourish and then fall apart, both marital and familial relationships. Like most others I have many life experiences.

I re-married in 2006 and was so very impressed by the celebrant who made the day easy and wonderful for me. I thought I would like to do the same for other couples. I have also been to funerals where the service was not really the best with what seemed like a cursory attempt at getting to know who the deceased was and what the family is like.

Appointed in February 2009, I've not had a lot much time to have lots of treasured memories. My second ceremony was beautiful but the PA system failed and I had to speak very loudly to about 90 people and managed it with no trouble. Everyone heard. Must be my loud voice!!

Where you would like to be in 5 years time ?

I would like to be a full time celebrant. I am really interested in funeral celebrancy and hope to be able to pursue this once I leave full time work. Pet memorials are also of great interest being an animal tragic!

Helen Rice
Civil Marriage Celebrant
Wollongong NSW

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Monday, 30 January 2023

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