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Personalise the Funeral


Are you in the midst of arranging a funeral?  Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?  There are so many details that must be attended to.  So many decisions to be made, people to contact and this is while you are feel so raw from your loss.

Take a deep breath, slow down, – pause for a moment and then focus on what is important – honouring the person lost to you.  Each of us is unique and special in our own ways and when planning a funeral it is important to honour that unique life and relate the impact that life had on family and friends.

So how do you do this?

Consider the unique life of the person who died.

Write a list of the following:


  • What passions or attributes did your loved one possess
  • What achievement were they most proud of
  • Special stories to share
  • People who were important to them

Personalise the elements of the ceremony

Be creative using ideas from family and friends, share them with your Celebrant and together create a ceremony that reflects the life of the person who died. 

  • Use symbols that relate to important elements of the person’s life
  • Ask the children to draw/write a goodbye message that can accompany the deceased on their journey (they need to be given the opportunity to say goodbye also)
  • Play music from their music collection/favourite TV show/favourite movie
  • Use readings from books loved by the deceased
  • Create the floral tribute from flowers donated by the mourners
  • Sign a goodbye message on the Coffin on completion of the service
  • Ask those closest to the deceased to participate  
  • Have a photo tribute using photos from as many sources as possible

The Eulogy is especially important

The Eulogy is perhaps the most memorable and healing element of the funeral ceremony.  The Eulogy acknowledges the unique life of the deceased and affirms the significance of that life for all who had the privilege of sharing in it.  The Eulogy can be share between family, friends and the celebrant – each participant can add a special meaning to the life lost in a personal way.

Your task may seem overwhelming but with consultation with your Funeral Director, Funeral Celebrant and family and friends you will create a personal funeral for your loved one.



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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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