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Straight down the middle

Straight down the middle was where Tony could hit the ball. He loved his golf and he was a happy, fun-loving man who, before Alzimiers took its toll, did everything with passion, zeal and enthusiasm especially when it came to his golf!  When I was asked to conduct the celebration of his life service, by my friend his wife, I was proud to be given this honour and accepted.  Many of Tony's long-term friends live overseas so it was not expected to be a large gathering and his family did not want 'a fuss!' as for several years he had lived in a nursing home in his own enclosed world.  

What can you say?  What verses do you use?  What music do you play?

His son would deliver the eulogy, another friend would also speak and the reflection would be accompanied by a song selected by his son who lives overseas and could not be at the Celebration “Fly me to the moon” sung by Frank Sinatra.

The usual verses and readings did not suit so I spent a few hours researching appropriate verses and found two very suitable poems. "What is my fascination with this game?" by an Unknown author and "Life is like a round of golf" by Criswell Freeman; both very appropriate for a celebration of life of a keen golfer.  His very good friend and golf partner read “What is my fascination with this game?” and I closed the Celebration with “Life is life a round of golf

Straight down the middle” sung by Bing Crosby – what a way to finish Tony’s round!  What smiles on the faces of his golfing mates when they listened to Bing: I am sure Tony would have been pleased that his last shot went straight down the middle and was smiled upon by his mates.



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Monday, 30 January 2023

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