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Understanding differences while Saying Goodbye

The celebration of a Life is an opportunity to say goodbye, honour, celebrate, say thank you and give meaning to a person’s life.  As we are all different and unique each of us merits a ceremony that recognises our lives’ strengths, weakness and achievements and our beliefs.

No matter what your personal beliefs are, you, as the Funeral Celebrant, should honour, celebrate and give meaning to the person’s life in a manner appropriate to them.  This sometimes involves research into their beliefs and putting aside your own personal beliefs.

Recently I needed to research funerals in various faiths so I could prepare Celebrations that did not offend any of the family members while at the same time acknowledged deceased’s deeply held Christian beliefs. 

 I found the following websites useful in understanding the difference between the religions and their funeral practices and this understanding enabled me to create and conduct Celebrations that the families were comfortable with while still honouring the loved one's beliefs.

www.funeralwise.com; www.religiousfacts.com; www.religious-beliefs.com



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Wednesday, 04 August 2021

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