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From Roslyn McFarlane
Celebrants & Celebrations Network Australia Member
The Celebrants Network Inc Vice Chair

When you think of a wedding, one normally thinks of the Bride wearing a beautiful white dress, a stunning bridal party dressed in colour co-ordinated clothes, amazing flowers and a wonderful reception at a  fancy wedding venue.   Often the choice of words,  music and vows  will be very predictable.  But it does not have to be that way!


These days it is very easy to break away from that mould and have a wedding that is a true reflection of the couple, their life to date, their hopes and dreams for the future. The  wedding can be personalised in any way that suits the couple exactly.   Apart from the few legally required words known as the Monitum,  the rest is limited only by your  imagination.  Words, vows, readings, music, themes, clothes, family  involvement, location, and included ritual go towards having a ceremony  that is truly unique and memorable.

This couple  celebrated their marriage very  quietly with just five  family members  present.  The ceremony was rich in ritual to recognise the cultural differences.  The couple’s daughters lit the family Unity candle to celebrate the joining of  the two families.  The beautiful thing about this Candle ceremony was that the single unity candle remained alight despite a fairly strong  breeze blowing throughout  the marriage ceremony.   It was seen as a wonderful omen by guests and newlyweds alike.   At the end of the ceremony  the bride and groom exchanged single red roses to signify their first gift of love to each other as husband and wife.

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Sunday, 01 August 2021

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