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What exactly is a Ring Warming Ceremony?

What exactly is a Ring Warming Ceremony?

Most couples marrying in Australia exchange rings during their wedding ceremony.  Another lovely sub-ceremony to include, as a leadup to this time honoured tradition, which is gaining popularity these days, is the Ring Warming Ceremony.  The "warming of the rings" which it's also called is a lovely way to also involve wedding guests.  So what happens during a ring warming?

 Before the couple exchange rings the celebrant announces that the rings will be passed around and in turn each guest should take the rings, place their hand over them for just a few moments and "warm" them with their love and best wishes for the couple for a healthy, happy and joyful life together.  If there are many guests it's a good idea for the celebrant to start this process early on in the ceremony so there is plenty of time for the rings to reach everyone.   When the rings return the celebrant will say a few words about how the rings have now been blessed and filled with the love and hope of all their family and friends present.  

Tip:  Make sure the rings are securely fixed to a pillow, or kept in an organza bag or similar so they can't fall onto the ground (or worse sand) and get lost.  Make sure that if they are securely attached that a guest or a member of the bridal party is nominated to untie the rings at the beginning of the ring exchange.

Submitted by Robbie Fincham, Civil Celebrant
TCNA & TCN Inc: Committee Chair

Photo courtesy: Lars Paysen






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Friday, 18 June 2021

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