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As Christmas approaches, beware of elephants,

As Christmas approaches, my heart goes out to the countless number of bereaved parents who maybe facing their first, second, third, 20th or even 50th Christmas without their precious child.

Some will have died as babies, children, teenagers or adults, their age is irrelevant, just as how long ago it was.  Some would have died through illness, car accidents or may have even made a decision to take their own life.  Whatever the reason or cause the result is the same, their parents face Christmas without them.

Those who have not had this experience are probably thinking, “30 years ago?  You’re holding onto the past, you should be over it by now”.  But the truth is, just as in life, your child is yours for all time, whether they are alive or not – they are still a part of the family you love.

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Rona Goold
Hi Jill I'll change the setting which says I was the Author, because Robyn O'Connell our of our very experienced Funeral Celebran... Read More
Friday, 18 December 2015 22:06
Jill Fry
So True Rona, One of my Brides had a baby die and I phoned to see how things were going all bright and cheery as I did not know. ... Read More
Friday, 18 December 2015 20:15
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