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Celebrating Who You Are

Celebrating Who You Are
Celebrating who you are gives you an opportunity to thank family and friends for their love and support.


Be the reason to enable loved ones to come together to build stronger relationships.  Not one of us would be who we are today without "a little help" along the way.


There are plenty of times in our lives that should be celebrated, but we generally only acknowledge a few...


Our birthdays every year; a major anniversary, getting married and having a baby - they're the staples that most people celebrate, but what about all those other life transitions and accomplishments that are forgotten about?


Here's a few for you to contemplate....




Pre-school, primary school, high school and university.  Some people celebrate these monumental academic accomplishments with a ceremonial graduation along with their classmates, but there's nothing to stop you from also celebrating with your nearest and dearest loved ones too.




Coming of age:


When you turn 18 there are so many things in your life that you now officially allowed to do - you can vote, be called for jury duty, legally drink alcohol, sign a legal rental lease and you can even legally get married in Australia (conditions apply!).  Essentially you have become a legal adult and that could be celebrated with a ceremony!




Moving to a new city for your promotion:


This is a major transition in your life - in fact, it's two transitions in one.  Up and moving away from everyone and everything you know is nothing to be sneezed at.  It's a big move and should be acknowledged.  It also gives the people that will be left behind to miss you a chance to show you how much they'll miss you.  


Getting a promotion with your work is another milestone in your journey that needs to be celebrated as well.  You can be proud of how well you're doing and your loved ones can show you how proud they are as well.  It's a communal love fest with you as the guest of honour!




All these ceremonies celebrate life transitions which are very important, however there is one ceremony missing in the lives of many people.  A ceremony that celebrates who you are as a person who may not conform with what others expect you to be.


Coming out as LGBTQI:


Unitl our society accepted everybody as equal and realises that being LGBTQI is not a choice, these ceremonies can assist families and communities to simply accept who some people are.  When everyone is treated equally then coming out would be as irrelevant as somebody declaring that strawberrry is their preferred flavour of ice cream.  Unfortunately LGBTIQ people are not all treated equally and these ceremonies can support LGBTIQ people to stand up and be proud and celebrate who they are.


Some people might say: why don't we have 'coming out as straight' ceremonies?  And you can if you want to, however people who identify as straight are not marginalised and discriminated against based on their sexuality.


The power of ceremony isn't really recognised until you experience a ceremony that is designed to meet your physical, psychological/ spiritual and social needs as the guest/s of honour.




A Coming Out Ceremony would:


• uphold the person's value as an individual


• assist the person to face often unspoken fears as well as embrace change creatively and consciously


• enable the person to let go of past disappointments and express their hopes for the future 


• enable others to participate in the ceremony with music, poetry and prose, dance and any other ceremonial expressions


• experience love and acceptance for the essence of who they are and their inherent sexuality in a supportive environment


Learn more about LGBTQI Coming Out Ceremonies HERE


TCN has celebrants who would love to work with you, your family and your peer group to support you in "coming out".


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