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ABS Census 2021 – Why Are LGBTIQ+ People Being Omitted?

On the 10th August, 2021 Australia took part in the Census. Gay Celebrant and Member of The Celebrants Network, Bronte Price is asking why the LGBTIQ+ Community was left out. Bronte's blog can also be found on Bronte's own website and he has given us permission to recreate it here.

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Wendy Haynes

Equality at the ground level

A great article for highlighting the importance of data å collection and what it means for our communities; and supporting equalit... Read More
Monday, 24 October 2022 09:34
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Have you ever stopped to think about what the letters LGBTQQIAAP actually stand for? 
Over the years we have gone from labelling a person's sexuality as either straight or gay to a rainbow of names that straight people sometimes find difficult to get their head around.... but if you care about people who identify as 'one of those other letters', then this blog could help give you some important information.
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Helen Williamson

Excellent Job!

Thank you for the very informative, non judgemental blog!
Friday, 06 March 2020 12:11
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Marriage Equality - 1 year on...

We have a guest blogger today - Robyn Foster "Celebrations by Robyn".  Robyn gave support, along with countless others, to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign and its leaders.  Here is her story...

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Getting Married Legally in Australia

On the 9th December 2017 the Australian Government changed the marriage laws to allow same sex couples to legally marry.  This has been a long time coming for the LGBTQI community, their families, friends and supporters and it's finally here.  After waiting the required month after lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage form, those couples can, as of the 9th of January 2018, marry the person they love, regardless of their gender.
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The Marriage Equality Postal Survey Result

Marriage Equality – a statement from the National Committee of the The Celebrants Network Inc

Today people across Australia have clearly shown their support for marriage equality and celebrant members of The Celebrants Network Inc welcome the fact that we are one step closer to enabling all loving couples to marry if that’s their choice.

TCN was founded in 2008 on human rights principles.  It follows that we support the rights of all couples to marry, a right that is enjoyed already in more than 20 countries around the world.    

Parliamentarians now have the responsibility to review and debate the Bills and Amendments that will come before them in the coming weeks.   TCN will be watching the parliamentary deliberations with great interest.  We look forward to debate that is respectful and thoughtful resulting in changes to the Marriage Act 1961 and marriage equality for all.

Sonia Collins
Chairperson, The Celebrants Network Inc
On behalf of the National Committee
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Shell Brown

Share the love

Agreed Ros! This is the first step to full equality!
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 18:18
Rona Goold


The best news this Decade. So happy that soon, I along with all of my TCN Colleagues will no longer have to discriminate against... Read More
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 11:54
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Celebrating Who You Are

Celebrating who you are gives you an opportunity to thank family and friends for their love and support.


Be the reason to enable loved ones to come together to build stronger relationships.  Not one of us would be who we are today without "a little help" along the way.


There are plenty of times in our lives that should be celebrated, but we generally only acknowledge a few...


Our birthdays every year; a major anniversary, getting married and having a baby - they're the staples that most people celebrate, but what about all those other life transitions and accomplishments that are forgotten about?


Here's a few for you to contemplate....




Pre-school, primary school, high school and university.  Some people celebrate these monumental academic accomplishments with a ceremonial graduation along with their classmates, but there's nothing to stop you from also celebrating with your nearest and dearest loved ones too.




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