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Ceremony Presentation


Be prepared!  That was the motto of the scouts and it is also the mantra that celebrants live by.  Our blogger today is TCN Celebrant Sonia Collins and she is talking about the ins and outs of ceremony presentation...

Your celebrant’s aim is to present the ceremony that you love.  You can help them to do this by taking the time to think about what you really want and spending time with your celebrant to talk about your wishes.  Every couple and family has different preferences of course but here are a few things you might want to think about.

Sound effects

One thing that is guaranteed to upset you and your guests is if no one can hear the ceremony properly. If you have half a dozen guests your celebrant probably will not use a PA system but the larger the group the more you will need one.  Check with your celebrant that their system is big enough for the crowd you are expecting and also talk about arrangements for music during the ceremony – please don’t expect your celebrant to play music for you unless it has been arranged.

Where will everyone stand?

Your photos and your guests’ enjoyment of the ceremony will be so much better if you and your celebrant discuss the choreography of your ceremony and test it out with a rehearsal.  The possibilities are endless and vary from everyone standing in a circle of love to the more traditional setting of bridesmaids on one side and groomsmen on the other.  Even then, the angle at which they stand and the position of children in the wedding party and of your celebrant all add to the visual appeal of the ceremony so do take time to discuss this aspect.

Style of Ceremony

Make sure that you and your celebrant are on the same page when it comes to the style of your ceremony.  If you want an outrageously funny and entertaining celebrant then you need to be clear about what you are looking for to find the right person.  Some celebrants are prepared to dress for theme weddings, others are not.  Most celebrants will work very closely with you to personalise your ceremony to suit your style and will give you lots of ideas for inclusions. Be an active participant in the planning so that your celebrant can present the ceremony you really want.

Fill in the details

Remember that your celebrant only knows what you tell them.  Please share important information with them. Your celebrant wants to present an inclusive ceremony that encompasses not only you but the significant people in your life.  If Grandma is going to be there and Grandad died recently, let your celebrant know.  If Mum and Dad are both coming but don’t talk any more, please share this information  so that your celebrant avoids any awkwardness.  Most celebrants will ask you to approve the ceremony that they are going to present.  Do check carefully.  You know your family, friends and bridal party better than your celebrant. 

Your TCN Celebrant is a professional.  They love presenting great ceremonies but as with most things in life, good preparation is the key.


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Guest - Roslyn McFarlane (website) on Saturday, 22 June 2019 23:11
Excellent advice

This is great advice. Even though Celebrants are the "expert", the involvement of both parties to the marriage is very important to make the whole event very personal.

This is great advice. Even though Celebrants are the "expert", the involvement of both parties to the marriage is very important to make the whole event very personal.
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