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Different ways to remember

Different ways to remember

Memorialising people and events is an important part of grieving. When we mark our history through memorials we ensure that we will not forget and that there is something concrete for future generations to see, and learn about their past.  

Here are some different ways we can memorialise a person or event:

* Have a gravestone or plaque

* Erect a statue

* Plant a tree

* Add a 'legacy person' for your Facebook page and ask for your page to be memorialised after you've died

* Have an annual get together of loved ones to talk and reminisce about the person who has died

* Get a tattoo

Visit the place where the event happened

* Keep your loved one's ashes in an urn

* Play music that reminds you of the person, place or event

* Hold a memorial ceremony

Speak to your local Celebrant from The Celebrants Network today about holding a memorial ceremony for your loved one.



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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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