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Different ways to remember

Memorialising people and events is an important part of grieving. When we mark our history through memorials we ensure that we will not forget and that there is something concrete for future generations to see, and learn about their past.  

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Make your wishes known now - before it's too late

Make your wishes known now - before it's too late

In keeping with TCN’s contribution to Dying to Know Day next week our blog today is about the importance of making your wishes known before it’s too late.

While no one really likes to think too much about dying it makes sense to prepare for death in the same way that we prepare for other major events in our lives. 

Let’s explore some of the benefits in forward planning...
None of us know exactly when or how we are going to die, but you can make your wishes and preferences for your end of life care known by making an Advance Care Plan or Directive.  This will let your family and doctors know what you would like if you are no longer able to make decisions or communicate your wishes.  You can nominate someone to make your health care decisions for you and you can state what is and is not acceptable to you – for example, are there treatments or outcomes that would not be acceptable to you?  

Do you have a legally valid Will?

According to the NSW Trustee and Guardian, 45% of Australians don’t. If you are one of them, there is a risk that your estate – property, money and other assets will be distributed according to a legal formula instead of following your wishes. 

So make a Will now!!

What about your funeral? 

You can really help your family out by letting them know what you would prefer – church or civil service, burial or cremation, who to notify of your death, any special music, photos or readings for the ceremony.  It will be much easier for your family or friends to make arrangements if they feel confident that they are fulfilling your wishes.  Rather than saying “just put me in the compost” why not write down and talk about your wishes and tell the family of any plans you have put in place such as a pre-paid funeral arrangement. 

If you are not sure what is possible for funerals why not talk to a TCN funeral celebrant.

Leave a special legacy by recording your life story 

This might be in words, pictures or both.  It might be a published autobiography or a hand filled photo album.  How many times have you wished that you asked your grandfather more about his wartime service or looked at a family photo and wondered who that very old man in the centre of the photo is? 

We live in such a rapidly changing society that the things we thought were normal and mundane when we were young, now seem like ancient history to our grandchildren. Your first job may not even exist today. Your first car may now be viewed as a vintage model.  

If you would like ideas and help to get started with recording your life story contact a TCN celebrant

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