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The importance of celebrant buddies

Celebrant buddy

Having celebrant buddies is really important for a number of reasons. Celebrant Susie Roberts takes us through just a few...


There are times when you need someone to hold your hand as you walk through something you have never done before... like a shortening of time, a handfasting, an LGBTQIA+ ceremony, an overseas couple, or any of a number of legal and ceremony aspects that you may not have yet encountered. 

Celebrant Buddy



Sometimes you need a fellow celebrant who is very different from you to give you a new perspective on a ceremony. Have a diverse buddy group helps us grow as celebrants. 

Celebrant Buddy



When you are first starting out, the wisdom of an experienced and well respected celebrant is invaluable. 

Celebrant Buddy



Having someone give you an ego massage every now and again is always welcome, just remember to return the massage. 

Celebrant Buddy



Having a buddy is critical for those unforeseen times... fires, floods, accidents, etc where you need someone to fill in for you at a ceremony very quickly. A strong network of buddies allows you to reach out with confidence. 

Celebrant Buddy



Debriefing can be really beneficial, especially after a tough funeral, or a disastrous wedding, and your buddies have all been there and will support you, especially if coffee is involved.

Celebrant Buddy



Networking always grows our knowledge base, and a buddy group is the best place to start. 

Celebrant Buddy



A buddy is the first there (hopefully with champagne) to celebrate your big wins and help you through some bumpy times. 

Celebrant Buddy



A buddy group helps you through the isolation of being a solopreneur. 

Celebrant Buddy



In a recent course I did on Alzheimers, one of the main factors in keeping it at bay was good social connections... and that has to be one of the best reasons!

Celebrant Buddy

And where do you find a good buddy? 

Here of course!


Comments 1

Lise Rodgers on Friday, 30 April 2021 17:55
Fab post!

our four pawed babies have so much to teach us about trust and companionship. Fab post!

our four pawed babies have so much to teach us about trust and companionship. Fab post!
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Friday, 14 May 2021

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