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Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

Throughout our lives there are many milestones that we traditionally celebrate... birthdays, coming of age, weddings, anniversaries, etc... and we celebrate them because in doing so we gain a sense of belonging and achievement, like we've reached a goal, we've finally arrived at a particular stage of our lives.

We made it!  

Celebrating these special moments in our lives can give us a special sense of meaning and happiness.....

... but what about all the other moments that don't get the same social recognition?  

What about the wonderful moments inbetween those big events?

A beautiful sunrise

That job prmotion

A perfectly still ocean

Your indoor netball granfinal win

Your favourite bottle of wine is on sale

Funny cat photos and videos

A fresh new notebook

Reading the papers on a Sunday

Making somebody laugh

A cool breeze on a hot day

Freshly cut flowers

Getting the USB plug in the right way first go

Successfully using chopsticks

Each of us will have our own list of little moments that fill in the space between the big events and each and every one of them should be celebrated.

Some moments in life are meant to be celebrated publicly, with family, friends and sometimes with a celebrant.....

.... and other moments are meant for us to simply enjoy on our own.

If you'd like to speak to a TCN Celebrant about any moment you'd like to celebrate - Click Here

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