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Why should I engage a celebrant?

Why should I engage a celebrant?

Having a skilled celebrant can mean the difference between an event being mediocre or being an inspiring, memorable tribute to people who have a special place in our lives.
Like any good entertainer, the time a celebrant spends in front of the audience is only a very small fraction of the time spent in their practice and acquiring the knowledge and skills to perform well.

A good celebrant is much more than a good performer. They need to be researchers, writers, facilitators, psychologists, social workers and community developers, and well as masters of ceremonies.

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Engaging an independent professional civil celebrant to take the time and responsibility to create and deliver a memorable ceremony brings a number of benefits, such as:

* everyone who attends can participate without the pressure of being responsible for the whole thing

* the occasion can be more memorable because a celebrant can bring a fresh perspective to a group

* family stories can be shared and recorded for future generations as part of the process and/or event

* family and friends talents, not just the MC's, can be included in the occasion.

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Ceremonies and celebrations can be powerful occasions to mark big changes and support us in embracing new roles or situations in our new lives. 

The power of ceremony in times of change can not be overestimated. 

More than material gifts, as nice as they can be and needed in some cases, people need wonderful times with family and/or friends, new ways to see themselves and others, to think about the tasks they are going to undertake and the support and acknowledgment of others in their new role or new time in their lives.

What's why letting "the celebration be the gift" can be the most precious gift of all. You can do this by pooling your funds to appoint a celebrant.

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The History of TCN

Anzac Day this week has really made me think about our history and in particular, the history of TCN, and who better to chat to about it than the founder and now life member of The Celebrants Network Inc - Rona Goold.


What is your background in celebrancy?

I was appointed a Commonwealth Civil Marriage Celebrant at the age of 42, after working in schools and the health department in a range of roles. I was looking for a career that used my skills and talents, as well as give me the flexibility to work when I chose.

The goal was probably achievable given that a substantial number of celebrants were making a wage from the work - the statistics in 1995 indicated that celebrants averaged 64 weddings per celebrant per year, nothing like the 10-11 average now.

Although I had extensive experience from my previous careers, I had no training in business knowledge and skills.  Also, as a government appointee, one could not ‘tout for business’. One could not advertise in any way that made you stand out from another celebrant, a simple White or Yellow pages line was permissible as was a single line in the Public Notices of a local paper, Nothing more.

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