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5 Tips for Staying Calm on Your Wedding Day

All the planning for your special day is complete.  You have chosen the perfect music, you're wearing the perfect wedding ensemble, your ceremony location is even more picturesque than even you could have imagined, you've taken care of every last detail.

With so much effort having gone into creating such an amazing day there are sure to be a few nerves.  Not only do you have to handle the pressure of everyone wanting your attention, but you also feel the stress of wanting everything to go smoothly.

Pre-wedding jitters are totally normal and we're here to help you with these 5 tips for staying calm through your marriage ceremony.

Be Yourself


Try and remember that this ceremony is about you and your partner declaring your love and promising to live a beautiful life together.  It is not a performance for your guests.  Nobody is expecting more from you than you are able to give.  If you are nervous about talking in public, then just imagine it is you and your partner (and your celebrant) simply having a chat.  Most couples who were nervous beforehand say afterwards that it wasn't nearly as bad as they thought it was going to be.

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

You (and your partner) have important things to be thinking about; your sole job today is to get married.  Leave all of the other side bits and pieces to somebody else.  Either employ a Day-of Wedding-Co-ordinator or ask a trusted friend to take care of all those last minute things.

Keep Up The Communication


It's important to keep up communication on the day of your wedding. With your fiance, check on how you are both feeling.  If you are choosing to not see each other before the ceremony, then you could write each other a little note confirming your feelings and putting their minds at ease; with your Day-of Co-ordinator/trusted friend, keeping them informed as things change (also a great idea is to give this person's phone number to your celebrant and other suppliers); with your bridal party - if you're feeling nervy, let them know so they can help you through it.

Let It Go

Photo Credit: Arina B. Photography

There are going to be things that go wrong - there I said it.  You have to accept that and move on.  The most important thing on this special day is not whether the flowers are the right colour or if the flowergirl tipped all the petals on the ground in one place, then stormed off...... The most important thing is that you and your partner get married.  Everything else is decoration and/or funny.

Find The Funny

Speaking of flowergirls doing the dump and run... being able to laugh relieves stress and nerves tremendously!  You might like to speak to your celebrant about including a funny story into your ceremony, helping you to relax whilst engaging your guests.

Why not contact our TCN Celebrants to ensure a stress free ceremony.

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