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Sydney Celebrant - Ray Standen

This weeks featured celebrant is Ray Standen from Sydney, NSW.

My name is Ray Standen and I am a full time professional celebrant. My background follows 2 very different paths . Firstly whilst working for British Telecommunications, I was trained as a communications engineer for telephone exchanges, Telex exchanges and Data transmission duties.Later following my hobbies as a guitarist in a band and as a Disk Jockey {DJ} for the local Hotels in Brighton England, I progressed to the level of an “audio engineer” and became the sales Manager {UK} for a world leading microphone and speaker company, with direct responsibilities to Radio, Television, Recording studios and live concerts.

Following a speech that I made, I was approached by an existing celebrant in 2002, and asked whether I had ever thought of using my speaking skills as a Marriage Celebrant. The rest as they say is history.

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