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How does the cost of a celebrant fit in with your budget?

Congratulations, you are getting married and are busy working out where you want the ceremony and the reception, the wedding gown, the photographer, how many guests (and do you really have to invite all of the cousins?), who is in the bridal party, rings, cars, cakes, the list goes on. 

And the costs escalate.  Escalate very quickly.

So, where does the celebrant fit into your budget? Celebrant fees can range from $300 to over $1,000 depending on your location and the celebrant. A good tip is to check the fees for your state’s Registry Office, who provide a basic marriage ceremony and expect the fees of an independent celebrant, who comes to your venue of choice and provides a personalised service to charge more than that.

So, you are sitting there with your budget wondering why anyone could charge that much money for less than an hour’s work? 

A celebrant will spend an average of between 10 and 20 hours working on your wedding. Holding meetings with you, making sure all of the legal paperwork is correct, and then making sure the correct paperwork is lodged with the Birth Death and Marriages Section in your state. They will also write a special ceremony for you, with all of your wishes included, they will organise rehearsals of your ceremony and then, on the big day, they will perform your wedding ceremony and make sure that your wedding is legal. 

Without the celebrant, your wedding is just a great party. The celebrant ensures that your party is actually a wedding. 

SO, how do you budget for your celebrant? First, you need to select your celebrant, and do that based on which one feels right for you, not based on their cost. And make sure that you book the date with them, and pay your deposit. 

Then, you can work out the best way to budget for the celebrant, in the same way you would budget for your cake, your reception, the photographer, the hairdresser. 

Some celebrants will happily work with you to organise a “lay by” scheme, whilst others have a scheduled three payment option. Talk with your celebrant about the best options for both of you. 

Having your perfect celebrant perform your perfect wedding ceremony is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

With your perfect celebrant you can create magic on your wedding day and you can find your perfect celebrant in the TCN directory by clicking here.

READ MORE about Civil Celebrants by clicking here. 

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