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What happens to our digital footprint when we die?

What are the living doing with the digital print of dead loved ones?

Death and dying in our society is still a subject many are uncomfortable with and so the conversations about what happens after death is often ignored or remains within the usual; funeral services, a will, insurance policies, bank accounts and physical property.  

Their digital legacy not given a thought.

Image: Pixabay

In this age of technology there is more than ever to consider;

Do you have Facebook, Twitter, an email address, google account, apple account?

Do you download music, books and store images, iCloud?

Image: Pixabay

In this time of mass communication across vast distances, many people have an online presence of some sort and are connected in some way. Have you asked yourself what happens to you or your loved one’s digital print after death?

Image: Pixabay

Some options are:
Digital estates; where all the information is included in your will as part of your ‘estate’.

Digital lockers; where all your digital information is recorded in a ‘locker’ online.

Digital registrar; where your digital information is separate to your physical estate and is in trust for someone close to delete or follow other instructions.

All the options require the person to list all digital accounts, images, location, passwords and other instructions such as transfering to a family member, where the law allows.

Image: Pixabay

The current legalities around some accounts are not straightforward when it comes to downloaded books, music and other items so please check the current regulations.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some google services already have facilities in place but all the above options need to be done prior to death.

Definitely something to think about.

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Michael - In Memory Of tribute

“A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom ..” Charles Dickens
Free On-Line Memorials in our "In Memory Of" section

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Do you have a loved one or friend, or respect a community member for whom you would like to make a tribute for their life?

Every day there are short poppies that stand tall in the lives of families and communities who never receive a public acknowledge in the "Obits" of even the local papers. ASKACELEBRANT wants to hear some of their stories.

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