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Missing loved ones at this time of year?

ASK A CELEBRANT BLOG. Merry Christmas! Poem by TCN Melbourne Funeral Celebrant and Poet Graeme Cook.

This is the little verse I put inside a Christmas Card for all the families I have dealt with through each year. It's called  Merry Christmas! I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Set that happy Christmas table, you need leave no empty space,
For I shall sit between you all, in a peaceful state of Grace,
I shall hear your laughter, I’ll be a part of every smile,
From the kitchen to the pudding, I shall be there all the while.

The gifts you give each other, shall be your gift to me,
The Love that you shall share today, I will clearly see,
Enhance it with my memory, let your hearts be light and free,
For I’m that extra special glow, that coats your Christmas tree.

No matter where you have your Christmas, at home, the bush, the beach,
Cicadas, flies, and heat and gum trees, there no place I can’t reach,
Not just now, forever, as past the years go flying by,
I’ll be home for Christmas, on that you always may rely.

Graeme Cook 2007

Graeme Cook
Funeral Celebrant

Ringwood East, Melbourne Vic.
0417 149 382
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A Christmas poem from a TCN member

DSCF8768-SUNSET-150ASKACELEBRANT BLOG: Christmas in Australia by TCNA Celebrant Member Eunice Phipps

Christmas in Australia is always so darn hot;
If we could build a snowman, he would melt right on the spot.
Christmas in Australia is never white with snow;
Its boiling in the coolest shade, no matter where we go.
Christmas in Australia means there is no fireplace;
For Santa to step out of, with soot upon his face.

Christmas in Australia means we can’t ride down hills on sleds;
We’d have to use a billy cart and brave the roads instead.
Christmas in Australia means we cannot skate on ice;
Unless we go to skating rinks, and pay a hefty price.

Christmas in Australia, not a snow plough to be seen;
We do have trucks that sweep the street, to keep our cities clean.
Christmas in Australia and not a single reindeer in sight;
Here Santa uses Kangaroos, to pull him through the night.

Christmas in Australia, Santa’s suit is way too hot;
But still we see him struggle on, he must really sweat a lot.
Christmas in Australia and it’s way too hot to cook;
Our Christmas lunch is shared with flies, who want our cold cooked chook.

Christmas in Australia means there is no snow ball fight;
I guess we could throw ping pong balls…. at least they would be white.
Christmas in Australia no chestnuts to roast upon the fire;
But we can buy boiled peanuts; if that is our desire.

Christmas in Australia no real fir trees to decorate;
We all use the store bought ones, and some look really great.
Christmas in Australia is as hot as hot can be;
But my Christmas in Australia, is the only place for me.
Because it’s shared with you my friend,
And my precious family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year!

by Eunice Phipps

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Robbie Fincham
Eunice, what a great poem about Christmas in Australia. I look forward to sharing it with my family on Christmas Day. Thank you.... Read More
Sunday, 22 December 2013 09:44
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