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Civil Celebrant Ann Penhallow - Tasmania



The greatest thing about being a celebrant is meeting so many different people from all walks of life. What a privilege it is to formalise a couple's marriage or to welcome a new baby into the world! Ann believes that everyone should have a ceremony which truthfully expresses the importance of their particular life event.

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Launceston Celebrant - Sue Lee-Archer

This weeks featured celebrant is Sue Lee-Archer from Launceston TAS.

Born and raised in Melbourne, I attended Prahran Tech and RMIT, studying commerce. Then got into music at age 18, and performed as a folk singer and musician (guitar). I've always worked as a stenographer/ secretary and had an interest in writing. In fact, I submitted a short story for the Alan Marshall Short Story writing awards in 2009, but alas, no luck.

In 1976, I moved to Launceston and got into folk-rock (electric bass and vocals). However I'm no longer regularly involved with performing, but play cello, and am teaching myself violin and piano.Since 1996 I've worked for my husband as office manager . A long time interest in craft work is one of my passions, and I'm sharing a site with a friend at the Deloraine Craft Fair, Tasmania, November this year. WHOOPPEE!! - so hard to get into.

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