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Celebrant VIC Melbourne Northcote Lise Rodgers


lise-rogers-celebrant-150Then as we begin to talk, it turns out that really what a couple don’t want is a ceremony or language that isn’t relevant to them.

They don’t want something that will make them feel awkward or embarrassed in being the centre of attention. Often they don’t realise that apart from the mandatory legal inclusions in a ceremony, there is no set way of doing things. Rather, with the guidance of an experienced, caring celebrant, there is freedom of choice to create a ceremony that makes them feel comfortable.

So whether your ceremony lasts for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, if it is about you and your story - then it can’t help but be the highlight of your wedding day – or as one of the first couples I married wrote:

 “You made us realise that the ceremony was not just something that we “had to have” before our party began, but something that we “could have” and remember all our lives”

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Celebrant WA Perth Morley Paul Watts

paul-watts-perth-celebrantASK A CELEBRANT - FEATURED CELEBRANT

"Sports over the years have played a major part of my life being as a player and as a committee member and I am a life member of a local football and sports club". shares Paul Watts from Perth WA.

"Over many years both family and friends have encouraged me to become a marriage Celebrant which I did and was registered in January 2010."

"I enjoy public speaking and over many years have been the Master of Ceremonies at numerous weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, funerals and various other occasions."

Read more about Paul and other celebrants in our ASK A CELEBRANT profiles and snapshots section.

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