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Can a couple be "more married" than married?

Dally-MResponse by our TCNA Life Celebrant Member Dally M Messenger III to a Recent Letter

Unwedded bliss

Peter Waterhouse repeats an old slur often told by supporters of formal marriage, that de facto relationships just take the form of some sort of ''holding pattern'' until ''something better comes along'' (Letters, 15/8). My partner and I have been in a loving de facto relationship for more than 25 years, producing two wonderful sons on the way. We have never had any intention of either looking for something better or of getting married.

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Rona Goold
Dally has hit the point yet again. Could not have stated it so well so simply.
Thursday, 22 August 2013 19:24
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Why Ethical Wills Are Important

LIVING-WILLS-250From Rebecca Skinner
Celebrants & Celebrations Network Australia & TCN Inc Member

'Ethical Wills' are a Jewish tradition and the Hebrew Bible first described them 3,000 years ago (Genesis Ch.49).

Ethical Wills, which are not legal documents, can be either the life story of a person, the lessons they have learnt and wish to pass on or even their dreams and wishes for family members.

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