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Wedding Myth-busting

As celebrants we hear some common misconceptions about weddings, so today Celebrant Melanie Lawson from Oberon in NSW is going to bust some myths!

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Guest — Bob

OS Celebrancy

Hi, How would it be possible to be a Celebrant anywhere in the world? Destination Weddings are becoming more popular.
Friday, 12 January 2024 13:18
Roslyn McFarlane

Well said

Well said Melanie. So much misinformation is out there which is picked up from TV , Movies and Novels. But the great thing about ... Read More
Tuesday, 25 October 2022 17:55
Melanie Lawson

Thanks Roslyn

I love the way every ceremony ends up being such a unique reflection of the couple getting married. Life as a celebrant is never b... Read More
Tuesday, 25 October 2022 18:13
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The Order of a Marriage Ceremony

Weddings today reflect the wishes of the couple.  They may be held in any venue at any time or on any day.  Your choice might be a beautiful building, a garden, a boat, a forest or beach.  Apart from some legal requirements you can structure the ceremony however you wish. Even though weddings are becoming more modernised, many couples still like to keep the traditional structure of a wedding ceremony, so Celebrant Shell Brown is talking us through the tradition order of ceremony...
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Rona Goold

Thank you

Thanks so much for the feedback. Reference updated as requested.
Saturday, 03 August 2019 17:34
Guest — Rainbow boy

Update please

as of 2017, this page needs updating
Saturday, 03 August 2019 16:06
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