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The business end of Celebrancy

Have you just become a celebrant or are thinking about embarking on that journey?  Registered Celebrant and member of The Celebrants Network, Leslie Ridgeway gives us some insights into what you need at the business end of Celebrancy.

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Denise Vujovich

the business end

Thank you, some very sound advice.
Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:44
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My career change to become a celebrant

Becoming a celebrant has generally been a second, third or even fourth career change for some people.  Most celebrants you speak to describe their work as 'a vocation', 'a calling', or 'a real labour of love', but once you've arrived at your destination of becoming a celebrant, it's hard to turn away.   In today's blog we're introducing you to two TCN Members - Karen Dearing from Cobbitty, NSW and Katherine Sessions from Bendigo, Vic, who are sharing the stories of how they transitioned into the the world of celebrancy...

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