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Moving with the times… two questions.

Part of you membership with The Celebrants Network includes an entry into our Celebrant Directory. Have you kept yours up to date? What about your phone?  Are you using it to its full potential?  Celebrant Susie Roberts from Grafton, NSW is asking us 2 questions.....

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11 Reasons why you should join The Celebrants Network

11 reasons why you should join The Celebrants Network. 

The Celebrants Network is a not-for-profit association for professional civil celebrants with a focus on promoting our celebrant members and a range of ceremonies and celebrations to the public. 

Our members are marriage celebrants, religious celebrants, memorial and funeral celebrants, family and naming celebrants, student celebrants and celebrants for all occasions. 

Here are just 11 of the reasons why you should join us...

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A shop for every celebrant's stationery needs

TCN have an online stationery shop for all your celebrant needs.  Hardback register folders; certificate presentation folders; stickers for embellishing your certificates; certificate envelopes, embossed certificate card in A5 & A4, badges and much more.....
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Who is TCN?

Who is TCN?

The Celebrants Network Inc - TCN is a celebrant association who welcomes all civil celebrants to join. Whilst it’s not compulsory for celebrants to join an association it does give them the opportunity to be a part of a professional group of likeminded people;  to talk, share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences, and also to build a network of people that can be called upon in an emergency.

The Celebrants Network Inc is an Australia wide, not for profit association run by a committee of dedicated celebrant volunteers who work together online throughout each month and then meet once a month via a teleconference call via the wonders of technology.

Please Note: the faces on these screens are not TCN Members - we are all much better looking!
We are a member of CoCA - the Coalition of Celebrant Associations - Australia’s peak celebrant body


and as the Attorney General department has made clear, they view a celebrant being a member of an association as evidence of a their professional attitude to the role.

Our members are civil celebrants (and students who are currently studying to become celebrants) who offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

? Marriage ceremonies
? Funeral ceremonies
? Commitment ceremonies
? Naming ceremonies
? Memorial ceremonies
? Blessingway ceremonies
? Anniversary ceremonies
? Vow Renewal ceremonies
? Retirement ceremonies
? Birthday ceremonies
? Mother’s Day/Father’s Day ceremonies
? Life Transition ceremonies
? Ceremonies for launching a new boat, staring a new business, buying a house, getting a promotion and welcoming a new pet into your home.

Photos: All photo by Shell Brown except bottom right by: Pixabay

TCN offers our members:
? A celebrant directory where they can advertise their celebrancy practise.  
?Discussion forums where members can ask questions, seek advice and share stories and information
?A wealth of information on different celebrations, legalities of being a celebrant and much more
?Discounts on OPD, Insurance, Copyright Insurance and items at our celebrant shop
?A growing social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
?Special celebrant features on our social media pages (Gold Members)
?Involvement in community programs, such as Marriage Equality, Mardi Gras & Dying to Know Day
?First hand information from CoCA via our two representatives
?A dedicated and hard working Committee who are willing to listen to their members

Photo Source: Dying to Know

But… TCN is not just for celebrants….. there is also a great deal of information on our website and social media pages for you - the dear people of the general public:

Information about what you need to do if you want to get married
? Need to know legalities of getting married in Australia
? A celebrant directory where you can simply search for a celebrant by location
? Information and ideas about ceremonies and how a civil celebrant can assist you
? A fun and informative weekly blog that covers all areas of celebration
? You can join in with our social media pages on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn
? Our shop isn’t just for celebrants - We have some lovely stationery for all occasions
? Support for the LGBTQI community

"So, what would you like me to do?" I hear you ask....

get involved87616.jpg
1. join TCN - we’d love to have you
2. jump onto our social media pages and join the conversation
3. consider our shop for your next stationery purchase
4. look through our website for wonderful ideas
5. subscribe to our blog

Lovely People of the General Public:
1. engage a TCN celebrant via our directory
2. join us on social media
3. explore our website for information
4. share your support for equality
5. subscribe to our blog

Our cover photo features TCN Celebrants: Sonia Collins, Scott Broadbridge-Brown, Mary Napier and Symone Barry

Thank you for 
joining us....

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