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Moving with the times… two questions.

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Part of you membership with The Celebrants Network includes an entry into our Celebrant Directory. Have you kept yours up to date? What about your phone?  Are you using it to its full potential?  Celebrant Susie Roberts from Grafton, NSW is asking us 2 questions.....

1. Is it time to upgrade your Entry in The Celebrants Network Directory?

So, here we are in self isolation…….are you looking for something to do?

Shall we all hop onto The Celebrants Network Website and polish up our entries in the Celebrant Directory. 

Let’s break it down into bite sized chunks and perhaps you can get a new entry together or polish up your old entry. I will tell you why this is important at the end. 

  • Have you put up a great recent photo? One where you look happy and professional? 

  • Have you selected a number of photos of your work as a celebrant? Wonderful photos of your happy couples? 
  • Have you selected the areas you service? And the State? 
  • What about adding your current phone number, your email address?
  • Do you have a FB page, a website, an Instagram page, or LinkedIn? Have you added these links? 
  • Now for the juicy bits……….
  • What is your background? 
  • Why are you a celebrant? 
  • Do you have any treasured celebrant memories? 
  • Do you have any tips? 
  • And the last one……..and one thing you would like to say.

Why is this important? 

Having an up-to-date vibrant Directory entry 

  • is an easy way for couples to find you and have a feel for you before they send off that email, or ring you. 
  • allows you to present your services in your own unique way. 
  • highlights your professionalism
  • showcases some of your favourite weddings
  • gets you more work, ultimately. 

If you want to have a look at three completely different directory entries that really do show how individual we all are, then check out the following three entries. 




If you only have a heart as your entry profile pic, you are not getting those all important views by couples, and you are not showing off your wonderful talents for clients to find you.  Also, by adding a photo and completing your entry, you will be featured on The Celebrants Network’s social media pages.

Could you spend ten minutes each day this week to polish your entry and make it all sparkly for the coming rush of post Covid weddings? 

2. How SMART is your Smart phone? 

Are you using your phone for: 

  • Phone calls and messages only? 
  • Your calendar?
  • Your address book?
  • Your camera? 
  • Music? 
  • PA Hookup?
  • Your email?
  • Your weather forecaster?
  • Your clock?
  • Your reminders?
  • Your banking?
  • Your payments?
  • Internet connection?

  • WhatsApp?
  • Facetime? 
  • Licence? 
  • Music? 
  • Scanning? 
  • Your GPS?
  • Your connection to Instagram and FB? 
  • Your exercise monitor?
  • Checklists?
  • Emergency info?
  • Easy parking?
  • Uber?
  • Fires near me?
  • Petrol stations?
  • Games?
  • First aid - bites and stings?

And are most of these synched to your main computer?

Yes…..give yourself a star!

If no, then perhaps it is time to delve into Google and find “how to do……on my iPhone/Android phone” and start getting some of these set up. 

One function and app a day would be fabulous. 

And why is this important? 

By having all, or many, of these functions working on your phone and tablet, synced to your home computer, and backed up to the cloud, your productivity is greatly increased. 

Your appointments will all be synced, you can find strange locations with your GPS, you can play music through your PA via Bluetooth, you can check your calendar and make new appointments on the fly, you can scan documents………the possibilities are endless. 

Technology is brilliant when it all works together, and is used to its full capacity. 

Struggling to work out how to change your directory entry? Follow this link 

Before you go….. I’ll let you into a secret, there will be a photographic competition on the forum soon so updating your directory entry will hopefully get you into practice for this…. Stay tuned!



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Saturday, 15 May 2021

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