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Celebrating New Beginnings

Think about all the times in your life when you've started something new... School, university, work, moved house, bought a house, moved in with a partner, moved towns, cities, states and countries, a new project, marriage, children... the list goes on.  TCN Celebrant and today's guest blogger Shell Brown from Mandurah, WA takes us through how we can add ceremony to all our life celebrations.
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New Beginnings

2017 - a brand new year - fresh, with no mistakes.  

The first week of the year is the perfect time to assess how things are going in your life.  It’s a beginning, the start of a journey, something wonderful and new.
Striving for self-improvement and setting goals for ourselves gives us a sense of hope for the future.


Some people might look inwards for the changes they’d like to make - vowing to be friendlier to the waitstaff in restaurants, or focusing on keeping comments positive at home or at work, or making a point of doing something kind for a stranger each day.


Your goal this year might not be about you at all - This could be the year that you celebrate everybody else that you know in true style.  Birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, job promotions, new house, a win for your indoor cricket team…..
Every milestone that life offers us



Self assessment is always a good idea - to stand back and take really good look at yourself. 


This is also a great time to look to your personal relationships and give yourself some honest feedback about how you think you could improve - think about: communication, thoughtfulness, equality, respect, taking each other for granted, listening and sharing.  What better time to make your relationship even better than it is than right now?



Whatever your resolutions, be sure to make your goals a priority, be specific, and work at them daily.


Below are six tips to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions:


1 Your goal should be specific
Choose something that is attainable and/or something that you can build on.


2 Write your resolution down
Put it somewhere where you can see it on a every day. This will help you to stay focused.


3 Hold yourself accountable
By letting others know about your resolution.


4 Have coping strategies in place to deal with obstacles
If your resolution is to drink less, don’t put yourself into situations where you might be tempted.


5 Reward yourself at each milestone
Choose appropriate rewards - there’s no point in rewarding yourself with a chocolate cake if your goal is to lose 5kgs!


6 Ask for help
Try to be open to seeking help when needed. Knowing when to ask for help takes a great deal of courage, strength and wisdom.


And if your goal this year is to celebrate everybody else that you know in true style, remember our TCN celebrants are here to assist you

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