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Pets at Weddings

When a couple’s pets are their fur-babies it is natural to want to include them in any family celebration. The Celebrants Network member, Sonia Collins takes us through the pros and cons of including your pet in your ceremony.

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Including your pets in your ceremony

When you have a pet, a fur baby, or a four legged best buddy, they become a very important part of your life, so why wouldn't you include them into your life celebrations?  
Well, there are a few reasons that you might want to be aware of...

* What happens if your pooch runs off with the rings?

* What happens if your usually well trained llama spits at the guests?

* What happens if nature calls as your horse trots up the aisle?

People with pets understand that things don't always run as smoothly as you sometimes hope they will, then again you could say the same of human children! So here are a few things to consider when including your furry bud in your ceremony.

1.  Think about your pet's temperament.  How does he react around crowds, children, and loud noises? 

2. Talk about your plans with your bridal party and find out if anybody is frightened of (insert type of animal you have)

3. Make sure you get permission from venues and give professionals such as you celebrant, photographer, florist, musician and caterer advance notice. That way everybody can be better prepared. 

4. Ensure that you have appointed a trustworthy person to do the job of pet-sitting.  You can ask a friend who your pet is familiar and comfortable with or hire a professional dog handler to make sure your dog is safe and hydrated throughout the day.

5. If you are somebody who likes to dress your pets up in special outfits, choose the outfit carefully and make sure that your furry friend is not going to be  too hot or uncomfortable wearing it.  

6. As with all ceremonies - you should have a Plan B in case of poor weather, so consider having a Plan B for your pet as well.  If your pooch was meant to carry the rings down the aisle and she doesn't feel like it at the appropriate time, then go with the flow and slip the back up plan into action.

Click HERE to speak to a TCN Celebrant about including your pet in your ceremony
All the photos in today's blog have been used with the permission of Stephanie Warner of Hitch and Pooch 
You can follow her Instagram feed here:
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